Weekend Notes

La Petite Creperie aspires to “a touch of Paris to the hearts of Melbourne”. This little kiosk located just a block up from Flinders Street Station does this, and does so very well.

What is great about LPC is the attention to detail that has gone into the decor. While there are endless examples of places where ‘the food speaks for itself’ – and this is not necessarily a bad thing – the time taken to make this place eye-catching needs be mentioned.

From the red and white check wallpaper to the elegant font that adorns the signboards, it is clear from first glance that LPC understands how many customers it can ‘win from a walk by’.

Concerning the menu, while in the business of crepes exclusively, the variety on offer does all it can to position this as your one-stop-shop for the treat, with (at time of writing) over 20 varieties and crepe combinations available.

Starting with your basic sugar & butter or sugar & cinnamon for $4.50 there is also Nutella and Almonds, Apricot, Plum and Cinnamon or Orange Marmalade and Chocolate for $6 a piece. 

Then, if you’re keen on ‘the lot’ and an all-out sugar hit – which many Melburnians may often feel necessary at the beginning of day or midway through the afternoon – there are $9 options.

As with many a French thing, the essence is in the understatement. So, I shall just say that the two options at this price range include Grand Marnier and Calvados liqueur respectively, though for the extra curious the full ingredients are listed in the menu section of the website.

All up, La Petite Creperie is a warm and elegant little piece of Paris on Melbourne’s ‘Main Street’. If you’ve walked on by but have been keen to try one of their crepes, do so. And, if yet to come across LPC – do look to do so.


Written by Ed Phillip, a keen writer and photographer from Melbourne for Weekend Notes.