TimeOut - La Petite Crêperie – QV Square


A vintage caravan dubbed ‘Lucile’ has joined the La Petite Crêperie family

Melbourne, you love your crêpes. So much so that La Petite Crêperie has opened another outlet, this time in the centrally located QV Square. In true LPC fashion, the new store is being run out of a another unconventional shopfront, this time a vintage French caravan, which has been dubbed ‘Lucile’.

While you’ll still be able to get all your “arrogantly French” crêpe favourites at the new outlet, you’ll also be able to purchase French waffles. The waffles have previously only been available at LPC’s Westfield
Knox store,
 so it’s no doubt a relief to waffle fans who couldn’t  travel outside the city.

La Petite Crêperie is trying something different at the QV store and are allowing guests to make their own crêpe and waffle flavour combinations. You’ll still be able to get the best flavours from the Swanston Street store (like Nutella, salted caramel and good old-fashioned sugar and butter) as well as have the option to get creative and build your own flavours. Whipped cream is being introduced as a topping, as is ice cream for waffles. You’ll also be able to get a hot, rich cup of European-style Fraus hot chocolate.

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The Age M Magazine - Small bars and cafes making the most of Melbourne CBD's intimate spaces


In this digital age, what's to be done with the CBD's cylindrical metal kiosks made for selling newspapers and magazines? One opposite the Town Hall is enjoying a second life as a miniature crepe kitchen where, on a typical day, 200 thin, crisp treats are handed over with a cheery "bon appetit". Make that 300 during festivals and cool weather.

This kiosk is the little sister of Hardware Lane's La Petite Creperie, opened in 2008 by Patrizia Maselli and her French husband, Michael Gatta-Castel. Their cafe was inspired by France's creperies, and the kiosk by crepe stands in Paris.

Gatta-Castel had the bright idea to open in the newsstand, though when he sent a photo to Maselli it seemed a bleak proposition. "It was covered in old newspaper bulletins and graffiti, and it's tiny," she says. Furthermore, the deadline for tenders was days away, and legislation then meant no cooking on the street. "There was a bit of red tape involved," says Maselli, but in 2012 the scent of crepes began wafting along Swanston Street. "It's been an instant hit."

Although a nearby kitchen supplies batter and fillings, the crepe maker must be disciplined in this wee space. Showmanship also helps, as "you almost feel like you're performing", says Maselli. "It's like you're on a little stage because it's slightly elevated, you have this 180-degree view, and you're so connected to the energy of the people" who stop, look, take photos and ask questions about this petite creperie.

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TimeOut - La Petite Crêperie - Knox O-Zone


Melbourne’s ubiquitous crêpe purveyors bring its goods to the ‘burbs

No longer do you need to head into the city to get a fresh crêpe hot off the pan. La Petite Crêperie – the people behind that cute Swanston Street crêpe stand – are taking their sweet, wafer-thin creations out to the suburbs.

La Petite Crêperie is heading out east to Knox O-Zone in Wantirna South. Just like on Swanston Street, Le Petite is forgoing traditional bricks-and-mortar premises in favour of something kookier. Its new suburban outlet is slinging crêpes from a handmade, vintage French style wooden caravan they’ve named Juliette.

The suburban crêpe caravan will be making crêpes to order with all the sweet fillings you’ve come to love from the CBD outlets. Those without a sweet tooth are catered for too, with new savoury crêpe additions as well as house-made waffles, soft-serve ice cream and cold drinks.

Le Petite Crêperie at Knox O-Zone is open daily until late.

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City of Melbourne Magazine - Mention in Art by Design


"La Petite Crêperie has been trading from a converted newspaper pillar since 2012, serving crêpes in take away cones late into the evening.

Co-owner Patrizia Maselli said that staff and customers react to the tiny space with surprise and delight.

‘We get many passers-by who are often surprised by our presence, still in awe of how they have stumbled across a ‘mini French kitchen’ on a busy Melbourne street,’ Patrizia said.

‘It is a very small working space and it’s so accessible to our customers who are drawn to the aromas, sounds and theatre of our authentic French crêpes being cooked on demand.’"

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The Urban List - La Petite Crêperie | Swanston Street

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The Verdict

You'll find La Petite Crêperie dishing up sweet crêpes to take away, from their kiosk on the corner of Swanston Street and Little Collins Street. The kiosk is a teeny-tiny affair, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to flavours and quality of the sweet treats that it spoils its customers with - there's a reason that La Petite Crêperie is Melbourne's most popular French takeaway. 

All crêpes are made to order, ensuring that they're as fresh as fresh can be, and you'll be served your order in a convenient takeaway cone. There's a fantastic variety of toppings to choose from, including lemon and sugar, nutella and almonds, real maple syrup, and La Petite Crêperie's famous homemade salted caramel (made with Sel de Guérande)

Open until late, we think we've found our favourite CBD on-the-go dessert!

Broadsheet - La Petite Creperie on Swanston Street


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La Petite Creperie on Swanston Street

Run out of an old newsstand, La Petite Crêperie is nothing if not innovative. When life and work partners Michael Gatta-Castel and Patrizia Maselli opened it, a great deal of red tape had to be cut. Though challenging, Maselli assures us it was worth it, we have to agree.

The circular takeaway crepe stand is open all day, selling cheap, delicious French-style crepes to the hungry crowds of Melbourne. Located right in the heart of the city on the corner of Swanston and Little Collins Streets, La Petite Crêperie has a range of sweet toppings including traditional simple toppings like salted caramel, chocolate, jam and sugar & lemon, as well as some more decadent ones like orange, marmalade, chocolate and flaming Gran Marnier or Apple, plum, cinnamon jam and Calvados.

The crepe stand is unabashedly French in appearance and, just like at Gatta-Castel and Maselli's first restaurant-cum-patisserie La Petite Crêperie on Hardware Lane in Hardware Lane, you are always served by French staff.

La Petite Crêperie is clearly a labour of love for Gatta-Castel and Maselli, which is fitting, as it's proven to be well-loved by the city too.