We specialise in authentic, traditional French crêpes,   galettes and waffles which are made using quality, fresh ingredients, prepared daily and cooked on demand. 

Established in 2008 by life partners Michaël (native Frenchman) and Patrizia (Melbourne born), we can be found at two popular locations in inner city Melbourne. 

You can also find our LPC Pop Up Kiosk at various events and catering functions  around Melbourne.

La Petite Crepêrie, Hardware Lane is a licensed sit down crepêrie and café specialising in a range of savoury galettes ( savoury version of crêpes ) made with 100% buckwheat flour, a great selection of sweet crêpes, French baguettes ( made with premium Barkly Smokehouse meats, European cheeses, home made mayonnaise etc.), salads and other quality breakfast, brunch and lunch items. We have a full range of beverages including Organic 5 Senses coffee, juices, French ciders, wines and more. 

La Petite Crêperie, Swanston Street (opposite the Melbourne Town Hall) is a takeaway kiosk located on the footpath where we serve a variety of delicious sweet crêpes in an easy to eat take away cone. The kiosk was formally a newspaper stand and has been transformed into a glistening ‘exquise crêpe bâtiment’ the first of its kind in Australia, bringing a touch of Paris to the hearts of Melbourne.

Most toppings are homemade or sourced from quality local providers. Come and watch our skilled and enthusiastic crêpiers as they whip up a traditional crêpe right before your eyes!

All  batters are hand made daily;  using simple, fresh ingredients and are spread and efficiently cooked on professional French crêpe hotplates;  on demand -  giving you a healthy eating experience.  

At each location you will find a strong Arrogantly French atmosphere…where you will be transported, momentarily, to a little corner of France…

What's news at LPC?  Stay tuned for our newest exciting location .... coming soon!


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